Skill and luck in poker

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Having a desire to have permanent victories in poker, many players ask themselves: is it more important to be lucky or skilled? And how related are these two factors? Is it possible to win, being very lucky and is it possible to earn decently, having good skills in the game, but not having any luck component?
Let’s try to understand each of all these questions in detail
The opinion of professional poker players agrees that poker is certainly a very gamble, where luck plays a very significant role, but the more decisions you make, the higher a probability of regular victories. Based on this simple formula, it follows that having a proper level of skill, the component of luck is reduced to a minimum since you will begin to win thanks to competent tactics and the right decisions.
It is important to understand how poker is different from ordinary gaming slots. The difference really exists, and it is literally huge. And this even despite the fact that poker and slots are united by a common feature – these are both gambling games.
So, what is the right answer?
It will be difficult to argue with the view that skill in poker plays the most important role. After all, it depends on you with what cards to play, when to bet, to watch the flop, to raise or aggressively play the hand. All this creates an individual strategy and a sequence of actions that determine the probability of your winning in poker.
At the same time, it is necessary to realize that mastery is a very long process, which should be formed over the years and is complemented by a mathematical mindset, thanks to which we have the opportunity to understand the significance of luck.
However, you should not exclude luck as well. Poker is still a gambling game, which means that luck plays its role as well. Nevertheless, professional poker players almost never focus on it, relying only on their own skills. After all, luck is not a permanent thing, which means that by winning, you should never rely on it