Meet Rick

Rick Treviño is a teacher running for Congress.  He is a true progressive with a record of standing up to DC politicians and fighting for working families.  Rick is the one candidate in the Democratic Primary with a “Progressive Platform for the People” of District 23.


As a teacher at Sam Houston High School on the east side of San Antonio, Rick has seen what happens when our children are abandoned by DC politicians.  He saw students turn their back on their dreams because they couldn’t afford college. He saw students over a course of a year lose weight because he didn’t have food at home. And, he lost students to violence in the community.  Like LBJ, Rick is a teacher who will fight for our children’s future.


As Secretary of the Bexar County Democratic Party, he led the local fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a disastrous trade deal that would've hurt jobs at home and the environment.  He has also led the local fight against Chained CPI, a proposal aimed to cut Social Security and Disabled Veteran’s benefits. Rick has never been afraid to confront the injustice that takes place in Washington.


Rick’s “Progressive Platform for the People” challenges both Democrats and Republicans to put aside special interest money and do what is best for the people of District 23.  It begins by guaranteeing healthcare to all Americans.  Rick believes that healthcare is a right of all people and not a privilege.  He will fight for “Medicare for All”, which will lower health care costs and provide better services for all.


To fight poverty, Rick’s platform emphasizes the importance of a “Living Wage for America”.  He believes that in the richest country in the history of the world no one who works forty hours a week should live in poverty. Rick will fight for a $15 minimum wage.


To create opportunity, Rick’s platform proposes that the United States join the rest of the industrialized world and provide tuition free public colleges and universities to all its students.  To compete in a highly technical and globalized world we need the best educated workforce.


To protect the environment and invest in our future, Rick’s platform makes the case for investing in renewable energy to attract clean energy jobs to our district, achieve energy independence in our country, and protect the planet for our future generations.


Rick is 32 years old and lives in San Antonio, Texas.  He was born in Laredo, Texas to Ricardo and Alma Treviño who are both nurses. His mother was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and his father was born in Laredo, USA. Along with his older sister Yvonne, his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and compassion for the vulnerable.


Rick Treviño graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, and completed his Masters in Educational Leadership from Trinity University.  He was teaching Geography and History at Sam Houston High School before deciding to run for Congress.  In 2016, Rick was a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders.

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